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Cruise Gear is written as a guide to help our readers have a perfect cruise experience, covering tips, dining, drinks, ships, and ports. We offer first-hand, detailed reviews of cruise ships, comprehensive port guides, and helpful information to ensure you embark on your cruising adventure well-prepared and informed. Our commitment is to share genuine and honest experiences to help readers make informed decisions before setting sail. Stay tuned for upcoming content on hotels, excursions, departure port information, and more to enhance your travel journey.

Princess Cruises Bar Menus

Princess Cruises Bar Menus & Drink Prices

Discover the drink menus found on nearly every Princess cruise ship With seemingly limitless choices of bars and beverages on every Princess cruise ship, knowing what’s available from bar to bar can be overwhelming. Drink Prices on Princess Cruises Surprisingly,…

Our expert-tested tips for saving money when booking a cruise

One of our favorite things about booking a cruise is the value for money. However, the prices of cruise vacations are on the rise and are expected to cost 50% more on average by 2025. We’re always looking for ways to save and share them with our readers!

Essential Cruise Gear & Cruise Accessories

More than 20 years of cruise travel have taught us one thing: The essentials and accessories you carry will directly impact the quality of your vacation! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite accessories with updated prices and where to buy them to make planning your next cruise a little easier! Every time we go on a cruise and think of something that we “wish we had”, we research it and add it to this essentials list. We also speak with friends and fellow cruisers about what their favorite accessories and cruise gadgets are. Did we miss something? You tell us! We’ll try it on our next voyage and add it to the essentials.