This news organization, CruiseGear, is committed to avoiding conflicts of interest appearing where, when, and whenever possible. We have established stringent policies regarding issues of this nature, aware that they may be more restrictive than those related to other publications in our niche.

We do not accept any gifts from news sources. We do not accept any free trips. We do not seek nor accept preferential treatment that may be rendered because of the positions we hold. Exceptions to the no-gift rule are limited and obvious; exceptions to the no-free-trip rule are clear and infrequent. The only exception is for unsold cabins, such as undersold cruises in new destinations, or those given to a critic for his or her review. Whenever possible, arrangements will be made to pay the price for such cabins.

We accept no payment by any organization with governmental ties.

We do not engage ourselves in partisan causes, politics, community activities, social issues, or demonstrations.

What we publish is fair. Our reviews are unbiased and not influenced by any organization. Stories must be reviewed by one or more editors who also fact-check.


In our efforts to be responsive to errors on digital platforms, we strive to be prompt and have corrections issued within 24 hours. When an error, clarification, or editor’s note is run, our objective is to ensure that readers, as clearly and quickly as possible, are informed as to what was wrong and what is correct. When our story is accurate but our choice of words makes it difficult for others to understand the situation, our text will be revised so as to enhance clarity.

We hope you enjoy our content and appreciate our efforts to fair and accurate content.