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We love sharing our passion for cruise vacations with other travelers and hope to help you have the best experience possible.

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We’re Phil & Mike. We’ve traveled the world for work and pleasure for over 20 years and discovered cruise vacations by accident in 2002. A group of friends invited us to join them on a cruise in the Mediterranean, and without any good reason to say “no”, we hopped on a plane to Barcelona and boarded what seemed like a gigantic ‘boat’ at the time. Without having any idea of what to expect, we went in open-minded and came off the ship after 7 days sold on the idea of cruise vacations and cruise travel.

But we really didn’t get addicted to cruises until nearly 10 years later when we relocated to Europe with our dog and the best option for the dog was the Queen Mary 2 (No planes for him, no sir!). Since then, we’ve sailed on over 20 different ships across 10 cruise lines, each making a unique adventure and experience.

We’ve learned a lot about what to do and what not to do while on a cruise, and we’re excited to share tips, advice, and experiences with our readers.

We hope our tips and cruise travel advice help your next cruise adventure go smoothly! Everything is written entirely from first-hand experiences shared directly with our readers.

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P.S. We’ve been asked why the name “CruiseGear” – It’s kind of a long story, but initially in 2018, we had this idea to sell essential cruise accessories, a.k.a. “gear” to fellow travelers. However, over time, requests for more information outweighed the requests for selling cruise products. So now, we offer a ton of information and still help people source essentials for their next cruise, we just don’t sell them directly anymore (except for our fabulous logo merch, which helps us keep the proverbial lights on for the website! Check out our merch here!)

So since we had the snazzy domain name CruiseGear which was well-established, we just kept it!

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Phil & Mike with the dog Foster on the Queen Mary 2
Dog on Queen Mary 2
Kennel Master on Queen Mary 2