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Have a beverage package? This is a no brainer! Breaking even on the drink package usually means a hangover or two. These are some great remedies!

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Let’s face it. This is a vacation. If you’re a drinker at all … you’ll probably have a night or seven of overindulgence. Don’t let that ruin the next day. After discovering these hangover remedies, we decided they are essential to any cruise vacation (for those who like to enjoy themselves with adult beverages).  Have a beverage package? This is a no-brainer!

Our favorite hangover remedies:

1 review for Hangover Remedy

  1. Phil Crane

    Phil Crane


    We tried many types of hangover remedies over the past few years (don’t judge). We’ve found two that consistently seem to work better. One is only available in Europe and the other, Liquid IV is basically available everywhere and easily purchased on Amazon.
    The remedy is packaged in convenient pouches where powder is added to a cup of water. Each pouch contains electrolytes and essential vitamins that help your body deal with the dehydration that alcohol causes.
    It’s worth noting, that these packets are also good as a healthy choice too, for runners and other sports activities!
    I found that the best way these work – is after a night of too much drink package, I have one of these before bed. I immediately have another when I wake up, even if I’m not feeling bad – to prevent the delayed hangover. I’d say that nearly every time I’ve used these packets, I’ve been able to avert a hangover.

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