Magnetic Cruise Cabin Hooks

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If you’re looking for a way to declutter your cruise cabin and make the most of your limited space, use a few strong magnetic hooks!

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Did you know that the walls of most cruise cabins and bathrooms are metal and magnetic?

Most hooks can hold up to 25 pounds each, so you can use them to hang heaving items like wet towels, clothes, bags, etc. Hooks in a cruise cabin are also great for hanging small items and keeping them from getting lost. For bigger and heavier items, consider stronger magnets so they don’t slide down the walls! Great for:

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  1. CruiseGear Editor

    CruiseGear Editor


    The Magnetic Hooks are an exceptional solution for hanging and organizing items in a tight cruise cabin! The compact design of these hooks maximizes space and storage and allows you to create extra storage in otherwise unused areas in a small cruise cabin.

    (Did you know the walls and ceilings of nearly all cruise staterooms are magnetic??)

    These hooks come in a variety of “weight capacities” – so before you buy, be sure you have an idea of what you’re going to use them for.

    25 LB Magnets are great for hats, lanyards, small bags, light purses, etc. NOTE: When using them on the walls, the 25 pound magnets tend to slide down the wall with heavier items, but when used on the ceiling, they can handle just about anything! (Up to 25 pounds of course)

    The 25 LB magnets are also great for hanging a shirt on while steaming in the bathroom (who would have thought?!)

    50 LB magnets are perfect for heavier backpacks and small luggage items like camera bags, etc. These are EXTREMELY Strong magnets and you may have a problem actually removing them from the walls of your cabin at the end of the cruise! Keep that in mind.

    We usually travel with a 50 pound magnetic hook to hold an excursion bag/backpack and a couple of 25 pound hooks to hang things that need to be organized and easily accessible.

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