Motion Sensing Cruise Cabin Lights

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Magnetic & Rechargeable nightlights for your cruise cabin. Your toes will love you!

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Cruise cabins are usually REALLY dark which makes for a great sleep but is hard on your toes when you get up in the middle of the night! Light your cabin with rechargeable puck lights that are MAGNETIC. Ā Remember, most cabins don’t have traditional placement of outlets, so brining a plugin nightlight won’t work well, make sure they’re magnetic so they can stick to the cabin walls and ceiling

Our favorite motion sensing magnetic cruise cabin lights:

1 review for Motion Sensing Cruise Cabin Lights

  1. CruiseGear Editor

    CruiseGear Editor


    These motion-sensing nightlights are the ONE thing that I never forget to pack. These are great in any environment like a cruise cabin, where you’ll find yourself in an unfamiliar space, in the dark.

    They have a small magnet on the back of each light that can stick to the cabin walls and ceilings, perfect for use at the foot of a bed to avoid stubbing your toes or in the bathroom so you don’t have to turn on the bright lights at night.

    What makes these even more useful, is they can be used around the house when you’re not traveling. Each one is packaged with a little metal plate that is self-adhesive. Stick the plate anywhere (for me, I use them in kitchen cabinets). The light then sticks to the adhered plate with its magnet.

    Quickly being able to pop these off of the metal plate to throw in a travel bag is a huge plus.

    So now, you’re not just buying a product with occasional use… these can be used while traveling or around the house, in a car, in the garage, etc.

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