International Multi-Charger for Phones & Devices

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Most cruise ships and cabins have limited plugs. So use this device to charge everything on a single plug!  This is THE Best recommendation we can make!

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There is no other accessory I recommend for a cruise more than an international multi-plug + charger and adapter. Most cruise ships and cabins have limited plugs, and usually, there are plugs that are international that remain unused. BUT! If you have one of these multi-chargers with international plugs, you can make use of an otherwise unused international plug for charging devices and even adapting a small electronic device. It’s easy to run out of usable plugs in your cabin, so this gives a way to make room for other plug-in devices while you are charging on an otherwise unused plug!

1 review for International Multi-Charger for Phones & Devices

  1. CruiseGear Editor

    CruiseGear Editor


    There are so many travel adapters on the market, it’s hard to choose which one is best. We’ve tried at least 10 and find this one the best value and quality mix.

    First A Universal Travel Adapter is A Must-Have for cruise travelers, especially international cruise travelers.

    I recently purchased the EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter, and I must say it has made my cruise travels much easier. This compact and versatile adapter is a lifesaver when it comes to charging my devices in different countries as well as on a ship. Most people don’t realize that most ships have multiple plug types… leaving some precious power outlets unusable. But by having one of these adapters, you can take advantage of the international plugs in your cruise cabin.

    One of the standout features of this adapter is its compatibility. It comes with multiple AC plugs that can be used in USA, EU, UK, and AUS and on ships with these plug types. This means that no matter where I am traveling, I can conveniently charge my devices without worrying about the plug type.

    The Travel Adapter also includes a USB Type-C port and two USB ports, allowing me to charge multiple devices simultaneously by using one of the normally unusable plugs on a cruise ship.

    It’s small enough to fit in my carry on or travel bag, making it extremely portable. The build quality is excellent, and the adapter feels sturdy and durable.

    Its versatility, compactness, and reliable performance make it an excellent cruise and travel accessory. Whether you’re going on an international trip or a cruise vacation, this adapter will ensure that you can charge your devices hassle-free and make use of those outlets that sit empty in your cabin.

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