Relief Band – A Seasickness Remedy


Keep your seasickness under control with an alternative to Dramamine! 100% Drug-free! If you’re prone to getting motion or seasick, use this nifty device on your wrist that emits a soft electrical pulse. The anti-nausea band provides rapid relief through a specific pattern of pulses that stimulate nerves in the wrist. These pulses normalize messaging from the brain to the stomach, swiftly alleviating nausea and vomiting symptoms without any unwanted side effects.

You may have seen other wrist bands on the market that provide pressure on the same wrist area. The difference is, your body can get used to that pressure, rendering the band less effective.

With the method Relief Band uses, the temporary stimulation lasts only a short while so the body cannot adjust to the use of the device, unlike the elastic seasick bands.

Last updated on April 20, 2024 11:54 pm

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Does the Relief Band really work?

The majority of consumers praise the device for being extremely effective. We’re about to give it a first hand try on an upcoming transatlantic cruise where even people who don’t normally get seasick can end up with nausea.  We’ll post our findings as soon as the journey is complete!

Highlights of the Relief band:

  • Endures full submersion
  • Most versions of the Relief Band have a replaceable or rechargeable battery (confirm details before buying!)
  • Flexible comfort with an adjustable band

The range of Relief Band products:


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