The Norwegian Joy recently underwent an extensive dry dock and the most extensive work was done adding cabins as well as a beautiful new Mandara Thermal Suite.

What does the new NCL Joy Thermal Suite Include?

The newly added thermal suite is a bit different than some of the spas and thermal areas on other Norwegian cruise ships because this was a refit rather than purpose-built during the initial construction of the ship.

For that reason, there were structural limitations and space constraints that make this thermal suite unique.

What’s missing in the newly added Spa/Thermal Suite on the Joy is the Thalassotherapy pool found in most of these types of spas at sea. Instead, there is only a small jetted hot tub and a cold plunge pool.

Unfortunately, the Thalassotherapy pools are usually the main draw for thermal suites, so it will be interesting to see how well-received this modified space will be.

Norwegian Joy Spa & New Thermal Suite - First Look! 1

There are quite a few other features in the new NCL Joy thermal suite that real spa-goers will appreciate including:

  • Dozens of heated loungers
  • Aromatic steam room
  • Dry sauna
  • Ice room
  • Salt room
  • Massaging “rainfall ritual” area
  • Abundant chill spaces with oversized sofas

Everything Is Mixed Gender

Except for gender-specific changing rooms, there are no other gender-specific facilities. Some thermal suites have steam rooms or saunas in the changing rooms, but not with this new refit.

NCL Joy Thermal Suite Price / Cost

The price to use the new thermal suite is $299 per 7 day cruise, with slight adjustments for shorter and longer cruises.

Day passes will be sold on port days only, assuming there is space available for $74 per day

Unfortunately, you can’t access the new space by having a treatment (unlike in the past).

The Norwegian Joy Spa & Thermal Suite, First Look (Photos)

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Our Thoughts

The newly added thermal suite on the Joy is beautiful, there is no question about that. It’s one of the most stunning spaces on the ship.

However, when it comes to whether or not it’s worth the $299/week for access is questionable. We were given complimentary access to the new thermal area for a day and found ourselves bored after about 30 minutes.

With only one small whirlpool that seats about 6 people and no other hot tubs or pools, it’s really questionable whether it’s worth it or not.

For a better value, try the enlarged Vibe Beach Club on the Norwegian Joy

An alternative to the Thermal Suite is the newly expanded Vibe Beach Club. It’s an all-adult, private outdoor space that will likely be a better value for money for passengers looking for quiet time away from the masses.

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  1. So there isn’t a therapy pool like NCL’s other thermal suites? I was really looking forward to booking a cruise on the joy once they opened this new thermal suite but if that’s the case I will just continue to book the Bliss or Encore.

    1. Hi! Unfortunately no, there is no therapy pool at all 🙁

      If the therapy pool is a big selling point for you, then this Thermal Suite will be a huge disappointment. The space has almost all been allocated to heated loungers, which some people will love, but I can’t imaging spending $299/week for that. I’d rather get a Vibe pass In the future (for this ship).