We’ve been sailing Cunard for over 15 years, initially as a mode of transportation while living in Europe. The fact that we had a dog to travel with for extended periods made traditional travel more difficult, so after discovering the Queen Mary 2 and the fact that they have an onboard Kennel, for a limited number of dogs and cats, we were sold on transatlantic voyages!

What to expect on a Cunard Cruise?

  • Great Food
  • Elegant Atmosphere
  • Refined Entertainment
  • Amazing Staff
  • Enrichment unlike any other cruise line

About Cunard

Cunard is a luxury cruise line that embodies the elegance and grace of a bygone era. The company takes pride in its rich heritage, even though its founder, Samuel Cunard, was Canadian and the line is now American-owned (owned by Carnival). With its classic voyages and refined atmosphere, Cunard offers a unique experience to travelers seeking a touch of sophistication.

Cunard’s fleet of ships stands out for their distinctive black hulls, red funnels, and elegant interiors. The ships exude a genteel air that harks back to the Golden Age of ocean travel. From the impeccably expansive libraries to the white-gloved waiters serving afternoon tea accompanied by classical music, every detail on board is designed to evoke a sense of tradition and luxury.

Transatlantic Crossings

The cruise line is well-known for its transatlantic crossings and world cruises, which form the core of its itineraries departing from Southampton. The regular sailings between the UK and New York, running virtually year-round, are particularly popular. These voyages typically last seven nights, but longer options are available for those who wish to incorporate additional destinations such as the Caribbean or New England and Canada.

Cunard’s ships embark on world cruises at the start of each year, offering travelers the opportunity to circumnavigate the globe or explore specific regions like South America or Africa. These world cruises can be booked either in their entirety or as shorter segments. Additionally, the cruise line offers Mediterranean sailings during the summer and autumn, as well as cruises to the Norwegian fjords and Alaska. Short-break cruises ranging from two to five nights to destinations like Hamburg, Rotterdam, Zeebrugge, and Amsterdam are also available throughout the year.

Who sails on Cunard?

Cunard appeals to a sophisticated audience that appreciates the refined ambiance and high-brow activities onboard. But don’t let that scare you!

There are all types that enjoy cruising with Cunard, it’s not exclusively wealthy older travelers. In fact, the last transatlantic voyage we were on had a significant number of young couples in their 20s and 30s – many of whom were celebrating weddings!

More than just a cruise

Because most Cunard transatlantic cruises are direct, without stops, the cruise line has become experts at keeping passengers entertained.

The Insights Enrichment program features talks by renowned explorers, historians, politicians, and scientists, including notable personalities such as Bear Grylls and Felicity Aston. Special Event Voyages focus on diverse themes like the Beatles and ballet. Afternoon tea in the ballroom-like Queens Room is a cherished ritual, while theatrical productions, classical concerts, art classes, and al-fresco fitness sessions provide ample diversions for guests.

In fact, one of our voyages was themed around the launch of the movie “The Greatest Showman” where the premier was shown on the ship! For that voyage from New York to Southampton, the cast and crew were onboard and did special talks about the production and filming of the movie as well as costume designers who displayed their amazing talent throughout the journey.

On another trip, the renowned Jane Corbin, the famous British BBC Journalist joined the cruise and had several extremely interesting lectures.

When booking these voyages, look closely at the Cunard website for themes. Choosing a themed cruise adds so much to the experience. There are literary cruises, journalist cruises, movie-themed cruises, and more.

QM2 - Greatest Showman

Cunard’s fleet consists of 3 exceptional ships.

The flagship vessel, Queen Mary 2, is the world’s only ocean liner. Built to withstand the Atlantic’s unpredictable moods, it boasts sweeping decks, lofty walkways, and grand lounges. Queen Victoria exudes a touch of Victoriana with its lavish chandeliers, grand staircase, and sweeping atrium. Queen Elizabeth features standout elements such as an expansive three-deck atrium with an exquisite Art Deco marquetry mural. Each ship offers a unique blend of traditional features and contemporary offerings.

Cunard caters to a diverse range of passengers. From those fulfilling their bucket list dreams on round-the-world or transatlantic voyages to families with children (which in reality are relatively few), there is something for everyone. The cruise line provides kids’ clubs and babysitting services to ensure a memorable experience for younger guests. The majority of passengers hail from the UK and US, with distinct cultural preferences reflected in their onboard activities.

In addition to its captivating ambiance and refined offerings, Cunard is renowned for its exceptional amenities. The Planetarium on Queen Mary 2 offers guests an immersive 3D galactic experience under a domed screen. Exclusive accommodations such as the Queens Grill and Princess Grill suites provide guests with private restaurants, lounges, and deck areas for a truly indulgent experience.

Our experience with Cunard has been generally exceptional. We can’t recommend the transatlantic voyages enough! They are truly special and memorable.

Be prepared to dress up

While many cruise lines have done away with formal nights, Cunard sticks with tradition and asks people to dress nicely for dinners and some nights in suits, tuxedos, cocktail dresses, etc. The passengers go all out, and it’s amazing to witness!

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