See what an interior cabin on the Celebrity Constellation looks like!

On a recent last-minute trip on the Celebrity Constellation, we were able to get an amazing deal on an interior cabin (one of the best ways to save money on a cruise!). While it’s not always our first choice (interior cabins), for about $400 per person for 7 days in the Mediterranean, we jumped on the deal!

celebrity constellation interior cabin 360 pictures

A few things about the interior cabins on the Constellation:

While a little dated, they’re very functional albeit not incredibly spacious. Due to the age of the ship, interior cabins are more cramped than the larger ships of today. While they put a sofa and side table in the cabins, it really just got in the way or served as a place to throw clothes.

There are enough outlets to get by with 2 USA plugs and 2 EU plugs. (Bring a plug adapter/converter to get the most out of the limited plugs!) – the plugs are only near the desk, so unfortunately you won’t be able to plug in a cabin fan or charger next to the bed.

As expected, there is a hair dryer a mini fridge, and a TV. Storage is ample and the bathroom, while dated, is perfectly functional (and well-maintained).

Overall, the cabin is functional, affordable, and perfectly sufficient, especially for people who spend more time out and about on the ship.

plugs and outlets in the cabin celebrity constellation

360 degree virtual tour of cabin 2005 on the Celebrity Constellation

Bathrooms on the Celebrity Constellation

Dated but functional – the only real annoyance in the bathrooms was the old-school shower curtain. Not unexpected, but still annoying.

Celebrity Constellation Interior Cabin Virtual Tour 1

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