One of the most common questions asked about Holland America Line in any passenger forum is how much drinks & beverages cost on HAL. Surprisingly, given the relatively premium experience Holland America provides, the drinks are quite reasonably priced!

How much are drinks on Holland America?

A good selection of beer is available for $7.75 and most wine is $13 or less per glass (Many are $11 or less, making them within the basic beverage package). Classic cocktails are $11 which include drinks like Martinis, Gin & Tonic, and an Old Fashioned. Soft drinks are $2.75 while bottled water ranges from $3.75-$5 depending on the size.

Each venue has a slight variation on what is offered, though most drinks, especially classic cocktails, are offered everywhere … you just have to ask.

Bar Menus & Drink Prices for each bar and venue.

See the menus from the Holland America bars below, All are in US Dollars

Wine List & Prices

The wines on HAL are varied and wine prices are surprisingly affordable. Most wine prices are actually less expensive than you’d find in many land-based restaurants. A pleasant surprise for a cruise.

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Half Moon Bar

The Half Moon Bar which was launched on the Rotterdam is a new concept that many passengers really enjoyed. The bar staff focuses on making unique craft cocktails, often using smoke and natural botanicals not found in other bars on the ship. These folks take their cocktail-making seriously.

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Ocean Bar Menu on Holland America

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Crows Nest Bar Menu

Crow’s Nest is the upper lounge referred to as the “observation lounge” on many cruise lines. It’s the most complete bar where anything is available and is sometimes open later than other bars on the ship.

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Drink Menus / Music Walk

The “Music Walk” on Holland America cruise ships is the space dedicated to various live music venues. The different bars in each of the music venues have a menu with themed cocktails geared toward the specific location, but in reality, anything you want is available at any of the music spots along Music Walk.

Music Walk includes BB King Bar, Billboard & Rolling Stone Rock Room

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Drink Prices on Holland America are Surprisingly Affordable

Holland America Drink Prices

Having spent considerable time trying all of the bars, restaurants, and venues on Holland America ships, the biggest surprise was how affordable and reasonably priced cocktails are, even premium cocktails. On many cruise lines, prices just seem so inflated almost encouraging the purchase of a drink or beverage package, whereas on Holland America, pricing is in line with any average land-based restaurant. With most wine being $11 or less and so many cocktails being right around $11, HAL’s pricing and approach to beverages is a welcome surprise.

The only pricing when it comes to beverages that seems a little excessive are the soft drinks, sodas, and some of the bottled water options. Considering most sodas are $2.75 and bottles of water are more, these are the only items I felt were relatively overpriced. Even specialty coffee seemed reasonable in comparison.

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  1. Can I take a bottle of red wine in my suitcase for drinking on our balcony. With the Australian exchange rate to the USD plus corkage, drinking alcohol becomes very expensive.

    1. Gaylene – You can bring a bottle or two, or three, but be sure to put it in your CARRY ON luggage. If you put it in the bags they bring to your room, they scan them and it might be flagged where you then have to take time to go retrieve your bag at security. HAL official policy is that they will charge “corkage” fees of $20USD per bottle, but I’ve only seen that happen if you bring it to a restaurant and consume your carry on bottle there. Bottom line, you can bring your wine, you likely won’t be charged the $20 per bottle unless you bring it to a restaurant (just know that it’s possible that you could be charged based on official policy regardless of where you consume the wine).

      1. Hi Phil if we have 1 children wih us and we pay for the Have it all package for the 2 adults are the kids forced to pay for a non-alcoholic drink package like sodas/ juices etc? My Child never drinks sodas or juice just water or tea or milk?

        Also, it’s possible to get an offer closer to the cruise date to include the Crew appreciation in the Have it all package? Right now under my account doesn’t show any crew apprec .fees included but wondering if they might added as a promo closer to sailing date ?
        In the ports can you buy any wines or sodas and bring them on the cruise ?

        Thank you

        1. Hi Claudia, For the Have it All package, it’s applicable to the first two passengers in the cabin like you said. I don’t believe the additional passenger is required to book any package (child or not). I looked through a bunch of docs I have and don’t see that it would be required, so it’s likely you won’t have to purchase that for the third passenger. As for an offer close to the cruise date. I’ve never seen this with Holland America, unlike other cruise lines. And the crew appreciation is sometimes available on the Have it All by special promotion on some itineraries. If your cruise didn’t have the special promo for included gratuities, then don’t expect an offer closer to the cruise date for anything different than you have already booked.

          You can buy wines at port and bring them on, but may be subject to a corkage fee (unless purchased on a tour sponsored by Holland America) with a limit of 1 bottle. So here’s where it gets tricky. Holland America states you can bring wine (unspecified amount) during embarkation with the corkage fee, but doesn’t really specify whether or not you can buy it in every port and consume on the ship at all. We bought a bottle at a couple of ports and did not have it confiscated nor did they charge a corkage fee. No one seemed to care. But strictly speaking, while Holland America does in fact allow limited amounts of wine to be brought on at ports (unlike other cruise lines), it does seem to be a bit vague on how much is ‘LIMITED”.

          Regarding water & soda. Practically speaking, again, bringing a bottle of water or soda on the ship won’t be a problem, however Holland America hates anything plastic. So you’re more likely to have a plastic bottle of water or soda taken away because it’s plastic, not because of the contents. We’ve brought on water bottles at ports without really thinking about it and no one has ever said anything.

          Strictly speaking Holland America allows water in cartons or cans, and no sodas or energy drinks. Again, we’ve brought random things without thinking about it and without a problem.

          So in short, so much of this depends on the cruise port workers, and Holland America line is really generous with their policies. It doesn’t seem that their demographic is the alcohol smuggling variety 🙂 – so they seem to care less than most other cruise lines.

          This is all based on my personal experience and what HAL says in their rules… so your mileage may vary – but I don’t think You’ll have problems with a limited amount of beverages purchased while you’re on the cruise.

      2. Hi Phil, thank you for the great info. Are you familiar with the Quench drink passage?
        Some folks say non-alcoholic beer is not included and coffee from a certain cafe you have to pay for. Info is limited on Hal’s website. Regards, Peter

        1. Hi Peter! I was on a cruise with someone who had the Quench / non-alcoholic package… First, coffee. All coffee is included (unless it has alcohol of course). Bt there was never a coffee crisis or problem ordering with the package 🙂 – As for nonalcoholic beer. My friend in fact was NOT able to order non alcoholic beer which was strange becuase literally everything else like mocktails were included. I think the conflicting information you may see is that HAL used to offer the alcohol free beer with this package but does not any longer. But just like all things with cruises and drink packages, these things change often, so it wouldn’t surprise me if this changed again.

  2. Hi Phil,
    I purchased the Beverage Card option instead of the drink package. Do you know how they work on board? For instance, will the charges be the same as the drink package or “sail & sign”. I’m taking my Mother on this cruise. She’s not a big drinker so I opted for the card so she can enjoy other types of drinks on board.
    Thank you. 🙂

    1. Hi June – I’ve only ever known one other person that purchased the beverage card, so I’m not an expert. BUT! I do know it works just like a debit card and the drink prices are the same. Unfortunately, they’ve done away with discount drink prices for the card users. They’ll swipe the card just like any other transaction and your Mom can use it anywhere for any beverage. The big benefit of the Beverage Card on Holland America is the accounting for the drinks. Rather than having a million little line item on your folio, you have just the single purchase of the card(s). It makes keeping up with other transactions easier. Enjoy your cruise!

    1. Hi Jane – My recollection was $11.00 for basic drinks / classic cocktails (plus the 18% gratuity). So expect you’ll be spending right about $13 per drink without the package!

  3. If you go to one of the premium restaurants (like Pinnacle Grill) and you order a beer or cocktail, is that charged off to your signature drink package or added to your bill?

  4. Your comments are on-point! Many thanks for the many clarifications – as we get ready to take our first cruise on board Holland America soon.

  5. Hi Phil,
    Do u know if Holland America carries single malt scotch and if so,how much per drink? Could I get doubles and that be counted as two drinks,or would I be charged the price difference? Which are my choices on the basic drinks package?
    Is there free WiFi anywhere on the ship?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Gail,
      They did have some single malt options and they were about $13 per pour (depending on which one). Unfortunately, they didn’t have menus with their full bar list on it. With the drink package, I ordered doubles and never got charged, they just rant it up as 2 drinks, covered under the package. If you do find a drink that is more than the package covers, you do pay the difference + gratuity on that difference only. After considering upgrading my drink package, I’m actually glad I didn’t so the standard/basic drink package was plenty with the occasional 1-3 dollar overage along the way. Wifi is not free – but if you get the HaveItAll package, it will be included, and it was pretty good wifi!

  6. Well Phil I dare say you get free booze on your dedicated, nomad, seasoned, exciting, sea journeys & explorations over many years. Right? Must be exhilarating. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Ian, I’m *PRETTY* sure you’re poking fun at my bio, which is cool, I have a good sense of humor and sarcasm never hurt anyone 🙂 – and the bio is a little cheesy…. But about the “free booze” … You might be surprised, I’ve never gotten anything free. I pay my way on every voyage!

  7. Is there a way to request a certain liquor be stocked on the ships? Crown Royal seems to be difficult to find on the Holland ships lately.

      1. Hi Phil
        Heading off on a Holland America cruise in a couple of weeks. Have bought the drinks package & wondering whether if, say, I buy a $13 drink will I get charged the full amount or do they deduct the $11 drinks package price & only charge an extra $2?

        1. Beryl, you just get charged the difference plus the gratuity on the difference. We did the basic package and almost never found anything that it didn’t cover! It’s even better that it covers all of the specialty coffees and bottled water. Enjoy your cruise!

          1. That is so not true unless they very recently changed the rules. If you buy a drink that costs more than the $11 limit, you pay the full price.

            1. This article is very informative the drink packages are reasonable if you drink 15 drinks a day and use wifi/ speciality drinks / pop etc then its worth it but my wife and I have usually 2 glasses of wine per day and coffee/tea/ ice tea /lemonade are included free in your cruise. Once you convert the price from USD to Canadian it gets pricy along with the 18% gratuity as well. I find the $20.00 USD $26.00 🇨🇦 ) corkage fee is outrageous to bring a bottle of wine on the cruise for your own cabin.

  8. Thank you Phil for all the great information
    I’d like to consult you
    we are a family of 6 and think of buying “have it all” for 4 adults
    The third room is of my 20 year son and girlfriend – they drink just water and I don’t think to do them any package… but at dinner – can they drink water or some wine that we will order?

    thank you!

    1. Hi Noga! They will not be able to drink wine that YOU order with YOUR package, but they can order a glass of wine and pay for just a single glass at a time. (The prices are really reasonable)

      Just know that everyone in the same cabin has to get the package. So if one of them decide they want the package, they’ll both have to get it.

      Enjoy your cruise!

      1. On cruises out of US for sure and most of the other ones minimum drinking age is 21, so your son will be denied any type of alcoholic beverage. Color coding of key card differs, so there is no (easy) way getting around it.

        1. Hi Bert – I believe that any Carnival Corp cruise line (Including HAL) will not let anyone under 21 drink anything, even beer, even with parental consent. However, cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Princess and Norwegian generally have waivers if in international waters (for beer and wine for 18+) with parental consent.