Holland America Bar & Drink Menus with Prices 2023

Holland America Drink Menus with Prices

One of the most common questions asked about Holland America Line in any passenger forum is how much drinks & beverages cost on HAL. Surprisingly, given the relatively premium experience Holland America provides, the drinks are quite reasonably priced!

How much are drinks on Holland America?

A good selection of beer is available for $7.75 and most wine is $13 or less per glass (Many are $11 or less, making them within the basic beverage package). Classic cocktails are $11 which include drinks like Martinis, Gin & Tonic, and an Old Fashioned. Soft drinks are $2.75 while bottled water ranges from $3.75-$5 depending on the size.

Each venue has a slight variation on what is offered, though most drinks, especially classic cocktails, are offered everywhere … you just have to ask.

Bar Menus & Drink Prices for each bar and venue.

See the menus from the Holland America bars below, All are in US Dollars

Wine List & Prices

The wines on HAL are varied and wine prices are surprisingly affordable. Most wine prices are actually less expensive than you’d find in many land-based restaurants. A pleasant surprise for a cruise.

Half Moon Bar

The Half Moon Bar which was launched on the Rotterdam is a new concept that many passengers really enjoyed. The bar staff focuses on making unique craft cocktails, often using smoke and natural botanicals not found in other bars on the ship. These folks take their cocktail-making seriously.

Ocean Bar Menu on Holland America

Crows Nest Bar Menu

Crow’s Nest is the upper lounge referred to as the “observation lounge” on many cruise lines. It’s the most complete bar where anything is available and is sometimes open later than other bars on the ship.

Drink Menus / Music Walk

The “Music Walk” on Holland America cruise ships is the space dedicated to various live music venues. The different bars in each of the music venues have a menu with themed cocktails geared toward the specific location, but in reality, anything you want is available at any of the music spots along Music Walk.

Music Walk includes BB King Bar, Billboard & Rolling Stone Rock Room

Drink Prices on Holland America are Surprisingly Affordable

Holland America Drink Prices

Having spent considerable time trying all of the bars, restaurants, and venues on Holland America ships, the biggest surprise was how affordable and reasonably priced cocktails are, even premium cocktails. On many cruise lines, prices just seem so inflated almost encouraging the purchase of a drink or beverage package, whereas on Holland America, pricing is in line with any average land-based restaurant. With most wine being $11 or less and so many cocktails being right around $11, HAL’s pricing and approach to beverages is a welcome surprise.

The only pricing when it comes to beverages that seems a little excessive are the soft drinks, sodas, and some of the bottled water options. Considering most sodas are $2.75 and bottles of water are more, these are the only items I felt were relatively overpriced. Even specialty coffee seemed reasonable in comparison.

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  1. Well Phil I dare say you get free booze on your dedicated, nomad, seasoned, exciting, sea journeys & explorations over many years. Right? Must be exhilarating. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Ian, I’m *PRETTY* sure you’re poking fun at my bio, which is cool, I have a good sense of humor and sarcasm never hurt anyone 🙂 – and the bio is a little cheesy…. But about the “free booze” … You might be surprised, I’ve never gotten anything free. I pay my way on every voyage!

  2. Is there a way to request a certain liquor be stocked on the ships? Crown Royal seems to be difficult to find on the Holland ships lately.

      1. Hi Phil
        Heading off on a Holland America cruise in a couple of weeks. Have bought the drinks package & wondering whether if, say, I buy a $13 drink will I get charged the full amount or do they deduct the $11 drinks package price & only charge an extra $2?

        1. Beryl, you just get charged the difference plus the gratuity on the difference. We did the basic package and almost never found anything that it didn’t cover! It’s even better that it covers all of the specialty coffees and bottled water. Enjoy your cruise!

  3. Thank you Phil for all the great information
    I’d like to consult you
    we are a family of 6 and think of buying “have it all” for 4 adults
    The third room is of my 20 year son and girlfriend – they drink just water and I don’t think to do them any package… but at dinner – can they drink water or some wine that we will order?

    thank you!

    1. Hi Noga! They will not be able to drink wine that YOU order with YOUR package, but they can order a glass of wine and pay for just a single glass at a time. (The prices are really reasonable)

      Just know that everyone in the same cabin has to get the package. So if one of them decide they want the package, they’ll both have to get it.

      Enjoy your cruise!

      1. On cruises out of US for sure and most of the other ones minimum drinking age is 21, so your son will be denied any type of alcoholic beverage. Color coding of key card differs, so there is no (easy) way getting around it.

        1. Hi Bert – I believe that any Carnival Corp cruise line (Including HAL) will not let anyone under 21 drink anything, even beer, even with parental consent. However, cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Princess and Norwegian generally have waivers if in international waters (for beer and wine for 18+) with parental consent.