Holland America Have it All package Review

With more cruise lines taking an “all-inclusive” approach to a cruise vacation like Celebrity Cruise Lines with the ALL INCLUDED fare, some major lines are catching up. Holland America Line introduced the “Have it All” upgrade package to compete with the other industry leaders offering a more inclusive, premium cruise experience. In our real-world test, this upgrade package is well worth the value even if it’s not quite all-inclusive. 

The Holland America Have it all upgrade – What is it? 

For cruise passengers who appreciate a more inclusive and premium experience with added amenities included in the price, Holland America Line has the “Have It All” package starting at only $50 per person per day. This includes one or more shore excursions, a drinks package, wifi, and at least one dinner in one of the specialty restaurants (depending on the length of the cruise). The ‘Have it All’ cruise fares represent savings of 50% or more on the included extras compared to the purchase price when these extras are purchased separately or onboard. The “Have It All” fare is presented as an option at the time of booking. Guests who prefer to cruise without all the extras can choose a standard cruise-only fare when booking. Incidentally, each cabin guest must book the “Have it All” cruise fare to receive the extras. There is also an option to also offer this premium package to existing bookings.

What’s Included with “Have It All”

The “Have It All” package includes four extras for one price including shore excursions, a beverage package, wi-fi, and at least one specialty dining night. Some of the benefits increase depending on the length of the cruise booked.

One land excursion worth up to $100 per guest on cruises from 6 to 9 days. For 10-20 day cruises, each guest gets TWO vouchers of $100 towards shore excursions. For longer 21+ day cruises, each guest receives THREE $100 excursion credits/vouchers. These vouchers can be combined for a single excursion.

Signature Beverage Package for all guests in the same cabin. The beverage package includes a wide selection of wine, beer, spirits, cocktails, non-alcoholic beverages (soft drinks, bottled water, specialty coffee), and more with a per drink maximum of $11 per drink with a 15-drink limit per day. An additional bonus is that the bar service charges are included.

Dinner in one of the specialty restaurants on board for all guests staying in the same cabin. For 6 to 9 day cruise itineraries, each guest gets a single specialty dining credit, and for longer 10-20 day cruises, each guest gets 2 specialty dining credits.  It’s important to note, that which restaurant is limited. Ships with Tamarind will receive one night of dining at either Tamarind or one night at Pinnacle Grill. Ships without Tamarind will receive one evening of dining at the Pinnacle Grill or Canaletto. For 21+ day cruises, each guest will get three nights of special dining as follows: Ships with Tamarind will receive one night of dining at the Pinnacle Grill, one night at the Tamarind, and one night at the Canaletto. Ships without Tamarind will receive two evenings of dining at the Pinnacle Grill and one evening at the Canaletto.

A Surf WiFi package for the first and second guests in the same cabin.

The Holland America “Have It All” Package makes a cruise nearly all-inclusive for a great price.

Does “Have it All” from Holland America Line include gratuities?

The daily gratuities for each person are NOT INCLUDED in the Have it All package. However, gratuities on drinks and the included specialty dining ARE included. 

It’s slightly disappointing to not have daily gratuities included, as that would truly make this all-inclusive.  Holland America adds a “daily service charge” of $16 per person, per day to passenger bills for most rooms. Passengers staying in suites pay a $17.50 per person, per day service charge. Passengers still will have to pay those charges even when booking Have It All fares.

A few things to note about the Have it All upgrade

Some itineraries such as Grand Voyages are excluded from this offer. We’ve asked why, and no one at Holland America has been able to explain why they’ve chosen to exclude these itineraries. 

Additionally, you should know that you cannot upgrade the drink package that is included in the promotion. In reality, this isn’t a big deal in our opinion. 

The included specialty dining has restrictions and can be used for either one night at Pinnacle Grill,  one night at Canaletto, or one night at Tamarind (depending on the ship). Longer voyages can mix it up and have one of each depending on the cruise length. 

See complete details on the Holland America’s Have it All upgrade

Our thoughts on the “Holland America Have it All package: Worth It Or Not?”

For anyone considering a drink package, there is no question that this package is well worth it. The equivalent drink package that is being included with this costs MORE than the “Have it All”. 

Important to know though, that if you choose to upgrade your drink package, it’s not possible to upgrade from the included Have it All drink package. We tried… repeatedly, with no success (even though we were assured it was possible once on the ship).

Overall, you can’t beat the value.

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