MSC Drink Menu with Prices

MSC Cruises Drink & Bar Menus With PriceS – UPDATED

Last Updated on April 2, 2024

We spent a lot of time on a recent voyage with MSC Cruises trying to decipher the MSC drink menus and drink packages. We are posting the entire range of MSC drink menus to accompany the information recently published comparing the drink packages. These menus will also help people with the MSC Easy drink package better understand what’s included!

MSC Cruises Gratuities on Bar / Drink Purchases

Onboard bar purchases will incur gratuities, automatically added to all purchases: 15% gratuities on European, Emirates, South Caribbean, Red Sea, South America (Brazil and Argentina), and Far East itineraries, and 18% gratuities on North America itineraries.

If you purchase a drink or beverage package, the price of the package includes the gratuities and you will not pay anything additional!

MSC Drink Menus

Ship wide drink list with prices *UPDATED 2024 MENUS*

This is the shipwide menu for bars, pool areas, main dining rooms, and lounges. This menu does not apply to specialty restaurants that have their own specific menus.

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Master Wine List – Available in main dining rooms

This list is what is generally presented in any dining area or main dining room on MSC ships.

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MSC Champagne Bar Menu

For MSC cruise ships with a Champagne Bar, this menu is presented, but they often have a full bar as well.

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Brass Anchor Pub

The pub features quite a few beer options but pay attention to the prices if you are planning on using a drink package. Additionally, there are paid items to eat at certain times.

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For people who have chosen the Easy Package or get it free with their cruise fare, there is a separate menu:

MSC Easy Drink Package Menu

A word about the drinks on MSC Cruises

If you plan on enjoying your cruise without purchasing a drink package, you’ll see by the above menus that the prices of drinks really aren’t terrible compared to other cruise lines. However, a drink package is now more commonly included as a perk or incentive when booking a cruise with MSC. Even if there is a slight upcharge for an included Easy Package for you’re next cruise, you’ll likely find that it’s well worth it given that it includes bottled water, sodas and specialty coffee which is uncommon with most cruise lines.

Learn more about the MSC drink packages that are available and how they are used.

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  1. Hi Phil,
    yesterday I sent a small message about the MSC transfer between Milan Malpensa Airport and Genoa Port. A small modification: we should get from Milan to Genoa in the morning of June 22, not June 21, so I would like the information (timetable, etc.) by the 22 of June.Sorry for the modification.Thanks in advance for your reply: Agnes

    1. Hi Agnes – I’m unfortunately not famliar with how MSC Handles busses or shuttles from the Milan airport 🙁 – but I do know the transport is usually only on the morning of the cruise for when they DO offer shuttles. If you’re arriving early, you’ll be on your own to get to Genoa and it’s a few hours by train. The trains are generally pretty reliable an on time, but give yourself plenty of room to work with. You can use Rome2Rio (link) and plan a route or hire a private car (expect to spend 200 euro to get there though!). Here’s a link to private services on Viator

  2. Hi! We have a cabin (Seaside from Genoa – 7 nights) for 4 people: 2 adults, 2 children, we have Easy Package for all four people. By definition, children do not drink alcoholic beverages, but my question is, is ice cream(for the children) included in Easy Packae? Thanks in advance: Agnes

    1. Hi Agnes, I think if you call MSC, they will downgrade the kids to a soft drink package and save you money. As for icecream, it was available at the outside cafe at no charge but it will not cover the specialty ice cream / Gelato at Philippe Maury & Venchi Chocolate

  3. Does the prices in the drinks menu include the gratuity? Or we have to add the 18% to know the total price?

    1. Lizette, If you don’t have a drink package, and you are purchasing the drinks one by one, then you’ll pay the gratuity on top of the price you’re seeing. I believe the gratuity has just increased to 18% from 15%

  4. We are two people traveling on MSC Meraviglia. Looking at these prices (some of them equal to or better than any hotel or Pub), I don’t think we are going to spend $560 (2 non-alcoholic packages) on water, coffee, and sodas in our 10-day cruise.

    1. I agree- The prices really aren’t bad compared to other cruise lines! The packages make the most sense when they’re included as a promotion in the base fare at a discounted rate. I have friends that recently did a 2 week cruise with MSC and the drink packages were as much as the cruise. They declined and ended up spending a fraction of what the drink package would have been. Definitely worth doing the math!

    1. Hi Bill & Susan, You can see the main menu above (first menu) and page 7 has “whisky” …. which they’ve sort of put all scotch and whisky together.

      Remember it’s anything up to $10 per drink, so there are quite a few basic options available.

  5. It’s explained on another page here that the Easy Package includes drinks up to $7.50, but I don’t see these drinks listed in the menu provided above, only the $9 ones. Did I miss something? Or is it $7.50 plus a 20% gratuity so it is $9.00 as listed on the menu which also includes the tip.

    1. Hi Cory – If you look at the menu at the top of this page – and flip to the first page of the menu, it has the drinks up to 7.50 which are included in the “easy” package. MSC Generally has a menu for drinks that are part of the “Easy Package” and not all have a price associated with them (They’re just included). The $7.50 amount has been established since they now allow you to get a drink that is more than the $7.50 limit by paying the difference. I hope that makes sense!

      1. Thanks! Don’t know how I missed that. I did the calculation and for our group of mostly light or non-drinkers, the packages don’t make financial sense when everybody has to get the same package, especially when we are going to be in port during most days and will get paid drinks there.

  6. I noticed one can order bottles of wine pre cruise to be delivered to your stateroom. The prices for which seemed reasonable at @$32. My question is can you get a bottle at a bar on board and take it to your room or would there be a corkage fee?

    1. Hi Kim! If you get the bottles onboard where they are available, you’ll pay a gratuity but not a true “corkage” fee by just taking them back to your room. So Expect to pay whatever their automatic gratuity / service charge is – but nothing else.

    1. Hi Josh – Yes, this is the ship-wide price list even if you’re paying for the drinks 1 at a time. For package customers, it’s a reference as to what the package will cover more than anything.