Heading to the Bahamas on a cruise? Chances are, you’ll get to chill on a private island. Royal Caribbean’s has CocoCay and Labadee, Carnival owns Half Moon Cay and Princess Cays, but Virgin Voyages’ Beach Club at Bimini is a bit different. It’s exclusive but not cut off from the rest of Bimini Island.

Now, let me quickly walk you through what this Bimini Beach Club is all about and how to max out your fun while you’re there.

What’s the Beach Club at Bimini?

Imagine a sweet spot stretching over 4.5 acres where only certain folks can kick back – that’s the Beach Club. It’s not totally isolated, so if you’re feeling adventurous, you can wander around Bimini, too. When Virgin ships are in town, the place is all yours. If not, Resorts World guests might pop over, especially since Florida is just a quick ferry ride away.

Things to Do at the Beach Club

First up, you’ve got this classy beach resort vibe with a private stretch of sand and drinks at one of the six bars. Feel like relaxing? Choose from cushy booths, swinging wicker chairs, or hammocks. Oh, and of course the pool!

Into water sports? Rent some gear and go snorkeling or paddle boarding. There’s even an old WWI shipwreck nearby teeming with sea life. Since Virgin Voyages is adults-only, expect a cool Ibiza-like feel. Think peaceful days with optional yoga and meditation.

Bimini Private Club - Virgin Voyages

Come nightfall, Bimini features DJs, bonfires, and parties until late.

As the day progresses, the energy at the Beach Club is set to increase, with activities ranging from barbeques to DJ-led pool parties. Virgin Voyages has enlisted Mark Ronson, a five-time Grammy award-winning record producer and DJ, as the first resident DJ for these events. Additionally, there are exclusive amenities for RockStar Quarters Sailors, such as a private terrace section with sun loungers, an exclusive DJ, dedicated bar service, food delivery, and private beach cabanas.

Is Food Included?

Yep, Virgin guests get free food – think barbecue and tropical eats. Drinks will cost extra though. And since it’s 20 minutes on foot back to the ship (buses available), why not just enjoy the free grub on-site?

The Beach Club features two food groves serving local delicacies such as Conch & Mango Salad or Lechon Asado on Bimini bread. Six bars are strategically placed throughout the venue, offering a range of seating options, including sea cabanas and hanging wicker bar chairs.

Using the “bar tab”

If you have a bar tab, you can use it while at the beach club!

Renting a Cabana

Want some extra luxury? Rent a cabana for $350 a day at either Bimini Beach, Bimini Grove, or Bimini Lagoon. Location is the main difference between them.

Richard’s Retreat

Do you have a RockStar Suite on the ship? Then Richard’s Retreat with its exclusive terrace, bar, and cabanas is your exclusive spot. Don’t have a suite but feeling lucky? Sometimes they open unused cabanas to other guests.

Ownership and Access

The Beach Club is owned by Resorts World which is part of Malaysia’s Genting Group. Virgin Voyages has exclusive access when in port.

Where Is Bimini?

Bimini sits in the Bahamas, super close to Florida and around 110 miles west of Nassau. While other cruise lines visit Bimini, Virgin’s Beach Club is theirs alone.

Exploring Bimini

There’s more to Bimini than just the Beach Club. Check out other resorts or dive into the crystal-clear waters. Plus, you can easily walk to some great beaches from the cruise port.

Final Word

Virgin Voyages’ Beach Club at Bimini offers both luxury and freedom to explore. You won’t get in if you’re sailing with another line, but other resorts are available. Still, nothing beats those Virgin late-night parties.

And hey, Virgin Voyages is always cooking up new deals – keep an eye out!

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