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There are so many unknowns about Virgin Voyages, their Valiant Lady cruise ship, and the Transatlantic cruises offered by Virgin. We’re taking the first revenue transatlantic crossing on a Virgin Voyages ship, and we have so many questions! I’m sure prospective cruisers will as well. So while on this voyage, we’ll be taking questions from people and will hunt to find the answer(s) for them. Just submit your questions below and we’ll do everything we can to answer them!


Have questions about sailing on a Virgin Voyages cruise holiday? We are off to experience 14 days of Virgin Voyages Sailor Life on the Valiant Lady as she crosses from Barcelona to Miami. We’re collecting questions to be answered as we make this voyage. Enter as many questions as you like, then we will consolidate all submissions, and post the answers throughout the voyage.

Click the button to ask a question. Ask as many as you want before submitting! We’ll try to get them all answered. When we post answers, you’ll remain Anonymous!
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